PA700 Tested by ISV Partners Across the Country

Earlier this year we launched the PA700, our first Android-powered handheld computer. We were proud of uniting the easy interface of a smartphone with the ruggedness and key features of a more traditional device.

To further prove the PA700’s enterprise-readiness, we’ve handed it off to the experts.  Continue reading PA700 Tested by ISV Partners Across the Country

RECIPE: Joe’s Lava Cake

Joseph Ramos is a support engineer at Unitech America–developing software and providing support for various handheld computers such as the PA700 and SRD650. Joe is also an accomplished cook, participating in friendly cooking competitions with his friends on the weekends and always on the hunt for new recipes and restaurants. Whether its the great Mac vs Windows debate or the appropriate way to cook a steak, Joe always has strong opinions. Today he’s sharing his Chocolate Lava Cake recipe, a decadent way to celebrate a birthday or brighten up a Monday.  Continue reading RECIPE: Joe’s Lava Cake

Preview the PA700

Coming Soon: Our first Android-based handheld computer!

Our new PA700 will join Unitech’s line of rugged handheld computers early this year. Here’s what we can tell you about this device:

Android 4.1.1 “Jelly Bean” Operating System

Our PA700 features the latest version of the Android operating system. We are excited to offer a user-friendly and familiar operating system that is easy to develop on.  Continue reading Preview the PA700

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Many customers are taking advantage of our demo discounts and finding out Unitech solutions are a perfect fit for their enterprise and work flow.

New rugged handheld computers and wireless pocket scanners are ready to be tried out–but hurry, this sale won’t last forever. Continue reading Demo Discount Sale

Explosive Savings on Corded Scanners

If you keep it on a cord, it’s on sale.

Last year we encouraged everyone to go wireless with our Red Tag Sale, but we’re kicking off the new year by getting back to the basics.

From Jan 1 to March 31st 2014, enjoy new discounts on all our corded scanners. Every classic Unitech barcode scanner–wand, slot, or traditional gun style–will be on sale for the next three months.

Watch out for special discount announcements throughout the duration of our promo. Every two weeks we’ll highlight a different product for bonus savings. With these extra savings, you can take up to $30 off each scanner you purchase!

Here’s a glimpse of what’s available:

Continue reading Explosive Savings on Corded Scanners